5 Reasons You’re a Horrible Driver

Paul S.
I want to start out by saying that if you think this post is going to bash the “crazy” drivers then you would be wrong !
It seems most people that talk about this topic complain about the drivers who are going too fast, cutting people off or just blatantly “breaking” the law. But no that is not this topic. In fact, this post i to bash the drivers who lack simple common sense or any self awareness at all. You know who you are.
Before you get offended, I highly suggest you take these reasons you’re a horrible driver with you and learn from them. They can be quite helpful tidbits of knowledge!
It’s self explanatory. You’re afraid in certain aspects of driving. If you’ve ever said “this road is too narrow”, “I hope I don’t hit anything” or “I can’t tell how close I am to the guard rail”, then you have a fear of driving and anxiety pills won’t help. Please don’t do that.
2. You like to do the speed limit IN THE LEFT LANE.
Oh yes, one of my favorites. In this scenario you need to move out of the left lane because someone behind you is trying to actually PASS the guy in the right lane. So you say: “but I can’t move over because I’m doing the speed limit parallel to the guy in the right lane”. You have 2 options: either you “break” the law and go fast to get in front of the right lane driver or (if you’re afraid) you can simply slow down and get behind the right lane driver. Now you two can go as slow as you like and traffic is freed up! Yay !
3. You don’t know the difference between speeding and going 0-60mph in 4 seconds
I can’t stand this! So you’re at a stop light. Maybe like 15 cars behind you. Light turns green ! And….. you hit the accelerator like it’s made of molasses. So slow. Please just go from 0-60 as fast as you can from a stop. You won’t get pulled over as long as you don’t burn rubber. The quicker we all get off from a dead stop, the better this world will be.
4. You get angry when someone is tailgating.
Don’t worry about what his problem is. Because you’re not going to like the answer. The problem is YOU. If someone is tailgating you then yes, they were speeding, and yes, you don’t like how close they got to your bumper, but in all honestly if you weren’t there then he would be well on his way. Stop being a hot head and just get out of the way or pull over. Don’t purposely go slow, that’s just you being a HORRIBLE DRIVER.
5. You think drunk drivers are bad drivers
No, they’re just bad at driving drunk. Most drunk drivers are just complete idiots in the first place even when sober. I’m not condoning it at all. But, good drivers that drive drunk are actually more aware of the consequences and drive from point A to point B with only one worry: Police. In fact they probably drive even better drunk than you do sober. Now that says something ! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed these quick tips on why you may be a horrible driver ! I hope I never see you on the road. Good luck out there and maybe, just maybe, you will be tailgating me one day. Wouldn’t that be nice !
(Side Note: I also feel everyone over the age of 70 should retake their road test. Just saying.)

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