Arizona – BXM2352

Event: Merge Impaired
Event Description: Her lane was ending so she sped up to try and get in front of me but didn’t make it and ended up less than parallel with me but instead of falling back she continued driving next to me figuring i would eventually give in. She ended up having to fall back or rear end a parked car. Then she decided to go into oncoming traffic to pass me on the left. I ended up catching up to her at the next light to get the picture and she was flipping me off in her rearview mirror. Once the light turned red she proceeded to step on the gas and then the breaks a few times just to fuck with me. Once we got on the freeway she b-lined it to the carpool lane, during active hours but did not have a passenger (aside from her poor dog). Guess no rules apply to her. Oh, she also had reindeer antlers on the vehicle, the Christmas spirit of peace and goodwill is only for show with this one.
Driver Description: Middle aged woman with a dog in her lap
Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Escape
Event Date/Time: December 26, 2019 15:13:00 pm
Location: Arizona, United States

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