Arizona – CBN4408

Event: Reckless
Event Description: Remained in merge lane, in blind spot, until lane ended, when he then sped up, suddenly right next to my car in no lane, forcing me to slam on the breaks. He was apparently very angry I could not see him in my blind spot, and therefore couldn’t slow down to accommodate him, because the world revolves around him. I honked when I finally saw him; because I thought he did not realize the lane was ending! That was when I realized he knew very well and just wanted people to bend to his will, even if he had to go to dangerous measures to accomplish that.
Driver Description: White male, balding, mid to late 30s, wearing wire frame glasses.
Vehicle Make/Model: 2015 Hyundai /Sonata
Event Date/Time: January 10, 2020 21:20:00 pm
Location: Arizona, United States


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