Arkansas – KO590

Event: Tailgating/RAN RED LIGHT
State/Province: Arkansas
Country: United States
Event Date/Time: May 21, 2018 16:05:00 pm
Location: 32.99718049375985, -96.67156213368833
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy /Silverado
Event Description: This bitch almost RAMMED me while I was stopped at the RED LIGHT at Renner and George Bush Turnpike access road!!!! This violent psycho not only almost RAMMED me at the red light, she DIDNT STOP!!!! She KEPT ON INCHING UP ON MY REAR BUMPER TILL ALL I SAW IN MY REARVIEW MIRROR WAS HER FUKTARD FACE!!!! THEN, when we got down to Renner and Jupiter THIS BITCH SPED THRU THE RED LIGHT!!!
Driver Description: White female

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