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Bad Drivers

Let’s face it.  There is precisely jack shet you can do to those disrespectful individuals on the roads that make driving such an unnecessarily stressful event.  At least until it’s “Open Season on the LA Freeway” queue Naked Gun, that is. Here, on the Bad Drivers Web Site, you can submit information on a bad driver, vent your frustration, inform others, and it may help us all.  Small example: isn’t it shocking how many people don’t use their indicators, drag azz in the fast lane, and can’t cruise.

100% Anonymous Reporting!!!

Free for both Android and iOS.  – no ads either

We’re building an app.  We’re going to use it.  You can too!

Press and Application Release Date will be… running late.

UPDATE: Web Version 1.0 is 100% Complete – App 99% Complete

Check out Version 1.0 – Report Bad Drivers

Feature Rich:

  • Available by Region for all English Speaking Countries
  • Able to enter a Country, State, and License Plate
  • Enter event and alert types
  • Description of event and driver
  • GPS location capture
  • Multiple Photo Uploads
  • YouTube Video links accepted
  • View recent events and alerts
  • Alerts for Check Points, Accidents, Unmarked Cops, Dangers,  and Speed Traps
  • Speed Traps mapped out
  • Accidents mapped out
  • Location of event displayed on a google map
  • Searchable by Plate, State, Event, and Location


  • Users smart enough not to endanger themselves messing with their phone while driving.