Bad Driving Habits in Burton

Bad driving habits in Burton include texting and sex acts, a new survey reveals


bad_drivingSex acts, tailgating, speeding and texting make up some of the worst habits picked up by drivers in Burton and the West Midlands, a new survey has revealed.

Three in five drivers in the region who took part in a survey of more than 1,000 motorists admitted to having potentially dangerous driving habits. Shockingly, one in 10 drivers admitted to committing a sexual act while behind the wheel of the car, another 10 per cent of drivers said they have driven without shoes, and a quarter of drivers sing while driving.

The survey, carried out by the The Fuelcard Company, found 38 per cent of people also suffered with road rage, and 23 per cent said they had seen someone get out of a car and threaten another driver.

The top 10 worst habits for Burton drivers are:

1. Driving too close to other vehicles (62 per cent)

2. Going too fast (62 per cent)

3. Eating at the wheel (58 per cent)

4. Using phone or hands-free (58 per cent)

5. Texting while driving (56 per cent)

6. Going too slow (54 per cent)

7. Throwing rubbish from the window (52 per cent)

8. Overtaking when I shouldn’t (49 per cent)

9. Smoking behind the wheel (48 per cent)

10. Checking phone notifications (48 per cent)

Many of the habits revealed by the survey are actually illegal. Interestingly, half of the drivers claimed they only practise these bad habits when they are in their car alone.

Despite confessing to have some of these bad behaviours, almost one in four of the drivers claimed to be the best driver they know and 30 per cent said they are a better driver than their partner.

Richard Brown, commercial director at The Fuelcard Company said: “Driving is something us Brits do every single day and it’s certainly something which becomes second nature to us. Learning to drive and passing your test may seem like a lifetime ago, especially if you’re clocking a lot of hours behind the wheel during the working day, but picking up nasty habits could potentially have serious consequences.

“Whether you’re driving for personal or business reasons, bad habits can take a driver’s attention off the road meaning they can miss potential hazards. Some of the habits we identified seem relatively innocent, but we would urge people to pay attention next time they’re behind the wheel to see exactly how many of these habits they’re guilty of without even realising it – they may be surprised.”


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