Bad overtaking, bad turning remain leading causes of road accidents

Aaron Recuenco

Bad overtaking and bad turning remain the leading causes of road accidents in the Philippines, a report from the police’s Highway Patrol Group (HPG) disclosed.

More or less 19,000 road accidents have been reported to the police across the country from January to August this year which resulted in the death of 1,380 people.

The figure, however, does not include the data for July this year as it was not filled up in the data obtained by the Manila Bulletin.

Bad overtaking and bad turning are consistently the top reasons for the road accidents since 2011, according to the data from the HPG.

But there was a spike in the drunk driving and use of cellular phone as reasons of the accident last year, with 1,341 and 1,246 cases, respectively.

Based on the same data, most of the accidents occur during daytime with private vehicles topping the list of vehicles with most number of accidents, followed by motorcycles.

Earlier, the PNP-HPG said is planning to create a new unit that would focus on scientific investigation of all the road accidents being handled by the police.

Chief Supt. Arnel Escobal, director of the HPG of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said he came up with the idea after observing that there is no legitimate law enforcement unit in the country that is capable of road crash investigation.

“I think in the Philippines, there is no law enforcement unit that is capable of investigating traffic accidents using the scientific approach, forensics and the engineering so we are proposing the creation of this unit in order for us to determine what really causes the accidents,” said Escobal.

“So we do not want to call this as accident but road crashes because we want to impose more liabilities on the drivers or the erring drivers,” he added.


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