Bike cop takes to Twitter after being side-swiped by SUV, urges cyclists to report bad drivers

Alexandra Jones

If you’ve ever been cycling in Toronto, and had a car scream past you a hairsbreadth away, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “what do I have to wear to make them see me?”

A fluorescent vest? A giant hat? A full police uniform?

Const. Marc Hayford had never been hit by a car before while on his bicycle until this Monday, but he knows it happens more than gets reported. (Courtesy of Const. Marc Hayford)

Well, the latter didn’t help Toronto police Const. Marc Hayford on Monday, when he ended up getting side-swiped by an SUV while on his police bicycle. Now he wants Torontonians to know the importance of reporting these collisions — and he’s offering to help personally if anyone feels lost.

After he tweeted about his experience, other frustrated Toronto cyclists began to respond. Hayford told people to message him directly if they needed help with the process of reporting.

“It’s been a frustration in the city for a long time,” said Hayford, who has spent a fair chunk of his 18 years as an officer on the saddle of a bicycle. “Cyclists and drivers are at odds with each other, right? Everyone thinks they’re right and the others’ wrong … and both sides need to take responsibility (for how they conduct themselves on the road).”

Hayford was jabbed in the left side with a car mirror when a vehicle attempted a right turn at an intersection and almost pushed him over; he had to bang on the SUV to get the driver to stop. It was his first time getting hit by a car while on his bicycle, and although he’s relatively unhurt, he knows how serious it could have been.


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