California – 06738C1

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: I have experienced a lot of bad driving and my own share of road rage living in California but I have never seen someone this awful! He almost crashed into my car 2 times within 6 miles from being near one another he was more than reckless it was repulsive how ignorant he was driving like he did nothing wrong when I made a gesture towards him
Driver Description: Middle aged white male I believe with maybe his daughter who was just as awful leaving shadow hills high school is when I came across them drove near them on Jefferson for about 10 miles. Almost crashed into me twice and did not even seem like he was aware he driving like a jerk. I honked at him and he purses his direction into almost crashing my driver side completely. If I did not break dramatically I would of been hit aggressively. He switched lanes in middle of intersection was first time and second was him trying to cut me off at the light and getting ready to go at green when there was clearly no space for him
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/
Event Date/Time: November 01, 2019 14:20:00 pm
Location: California, United States


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