California – 42536K2

Event: Cut Off
Event Description: A grey or black pickup truck suddenly changed two lanes to the left. Then it almost hit my car. He cut me off and ran away as if he didn’t know what happened to me. I stepped on the brake crazily to slow down my car. He’s absolutely a reckless driver and violated a traffic law.
Driver Description: Crazy Reckless Driver on eastbound Highway 24, Oakland, CA Date: 8/14/2020 Around 1430 DL plate: 42536k2 Car Make/Model: 2018 Toyota Tundra Color: Black or grey Additional info: The date shown on the footage is not correct.
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota /2018 Tundra
Event Date/Time: August 14, 2020 02:30:00 am
Location: California, United States


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