California – 4MCH296

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: the man is standing by the pump yelling at the cashier inside calling him many racial slurs saying the pump did not work (which it did he just failed to select the gage) he then proceeded to fill his truck with gas but started reving the truck as it was filling. the security guard going up to him and asks him if he could turn the truck off because it is a fire hazard. the man laughs and tells her that “he can pay her better” or something along those lines. he then says that she cant do “shit” so the security guard lets him know that hes plates are going to be taken down and the cashiers can refuse to serve him for his attitude and for the racial threats. she goes to check the front of the truck for plates and he “pretends” that he is going to run her over. as she goes around to write down the back plates he tries to speed off and almost hits 2 people on the side walk. this is when i take a picture of his plates and ask the security guard if she needed the numbers but i guess she already wrote them down. this man is disgusting and thinks he can get away with things just because he took off any logos from his truck. props to the security guard for staying calm as he pretty much verbally sexually assaulted her. Beware.
Driver Description: heavy set male with alot of gang affiliated tattoos he was also short for a male around 5’5
Vehicle Make/Model: unknown/unknown
Event Date/Time: August 11, 2018 00:58:00 am
Location: California, United States

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