California – 5ESN663

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: I was driving a van with the emergency flashing lights on, my headlights were out. I stopped to make a right onto a street, and waited for a man to push his baby carriage across. The driver behind me was impatient, and went around my right side. This was dangerous because there is only 1 lane to turn right, and the other 2 lanes are for oncoming traffic. Oncoming traffic was approaching and I worried he would hit the man and his baby, so I honked my horn as a warning. After that, the driver continued to drive ahead and then stop to roll his window down and yell ‘Are you kidding? Honking at me with your fucking hazards on?’ I replied ‘Sir, there was a man and his baby crossing!’ He said ‘I know, I saw them!’ Then sped off. He did not make a full stop at the stop sign ahead. Perhaps worried I was enraged, but I just want to report his road rage.
Driver Description: Asian/Indian or perhaps Pakistani with excellent english. Clearly from the U.S or has lived here for an extensive amount of time. American accent.
Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/RAV4
Event Date/Time: October 07, 2018 21:02:00 pm
Location: California, United States

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