California – 5HUZ753

Event: Illegal Lane Change/Overtake
Event Description: I was driving behind a bus, which was driving really slow, with nowhere to go when this Honda Odyssey came up behind me. From the way it was driving, I could tell the driver was getting impatient, but there was nothing I could do in the situation. I then looked in my rearview mirror and noticed it was veering towards the left side of the road. Before I knew it, he was making an illegal overtake on a two-lane road. I shouted out “Hey! You’re not supposed to pass!” but I highly doubt the driver heard me. Just goes to say how crazy drivers can be these days.
Driver Description: Male wearing a turban
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Odyssey
Event Date/Time: September 30, 2019 10:40:00 am
Location: California, United States

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