California – 7EHA010


Vehicle Make/Model: BMW/328i
Event Description: This happened on the corner of Ellsworth Str. and Washington Blvd. in Fremont CA on Thursday Nov. 16, 2016 at 8:46AM. The moron in coffin-black BMW 328i rolled though the stop sign, failed to yield to me (I was turning left from the opposing direction) and nearly side swiped me. That’s not the end of it. This idiot proceeded to RACE ME on the street IN SCHOOL ZONE! I was in the lane of traffic and this moron was using the center lane for turns only to street race me. I did not want to cause a serious crash, especially in wet weather and terrible visibility so I slowed down and let the idiot in front of me. This stupid creature continued to drive at 55MPH in 25MPH SCHOOL ZONE. I got the pictures and video of this ape’s reckless driving and I will be turning it over to Fremont PD today.
Driver Description: I could not see the idiot driver in this black coffin. All windows are tinted to illegal levels.

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