California – 7WNG375

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: We were in the same restaurant plaza together in Anaheim Hills,CA where the Thai restaurant is near El Rancho middle school/ across the street from Big Lots, she went the same direction as I did making a turn to go towards the Target plaza. She tailgated me the entire time knowing I couldn’t go any faster because we were in 6 o’clock traffic traveling up Santa Ana canyon road and the car ahead of me was already so close where I was tailgating them to get her off my butt. I even drove faster to get out of her way, I signaled a right to enter into the Target plaza where the Islands restaurant is, and she didn’t signal but instead also made a right and drove really fast to cut me off from making a right turn, driving sooo close where it almost hit me. I was furious at this point and followed her, got out of my car and started screaming at her. I’m obviously emotional at 5 months pregnant and not really thinking logically. She had the audacity to scream at me if I had evidence on camera that she’s tailgating me. If I wasn’t pregnant!!!
Driver Description: White, mid to late 50’s pushing her white privilege to the max by stating that her dad is a cop then shouting at me that he’s dead and if I had anything to say about that, I told her what does that have anything to do with you being a wreck less driver?
Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai /Suv
Event Date/Time: January 31, 2020 18:30:00 pm
Location: California, United States

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