California – 7ZEBB228

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: lady backed out bumped my mom with her car , started flipping us off and started trying to hit from her window her husband driving put his vehicle in front of me and blared his horn. Also we were on foot They are very aggressive to pedestrians are walking.
Driver Description: the husband looked like his ethnicity was Either Filipino or Mexican had a Gray Facial hair look to be like he could have been old in age like 50s or 60s was short in stature had feathered like hair, His wife or the woman with him was a short older looking woman with a hair pulled back hair either was black or Brown had Gray in Very small in stature as well.
Vehicle Make/Model: /Mercedes benz
Event Date/Time: September 12, 2020 16:58:00 pm
Location: California, United States


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