California – 8MFE825

License State / Plate: California – 8MFE825

Type of Bad Driving Event: Road Rage

Date / Time: 01/04/2022 7:30 AM

Location: Lake Murray Blvd, San Diego, CA, USA

Vehicle Make & Model: 2007 BMW X3

Event and Driver Description (no doxing please): Driver was exhibiting erratic behavior, aggressively cutting in front of different cars. When attempts were made to use empty lane to pass, driver was trying to push their way into the lane blaring their horn. Once I passed, individual followed me to my home so I started driving aimlessly to assure they were indeed following me. They followed for about 8 minutes, had to call the police while driving to get assistance all the while they were attempting to push me into the middle island and kept blasting their horn unprovoked.

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