California – 8PNY799

Event: Distracted
Event Description: When you are in a drive thru at lunch time, or any other time for that matter, don’t get butthurt when someone honks at you for holding up the line and not paying attention. You and I both know you are at fault, so you have no excuse to spit, yell, hit your brakes to try to get me to hit you, or stall on purpose. Just be a big man in that 70+ brain, put on your big pants, and accept that you are at fault. Stop being a JERK.
Driver Description: White Male, either late 60s or 70s. Wears glasses. Salt and pepper colored hair.
Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Cherokee
Event Date/Time: March 18, 2020 20:24:00 pm
Location: California, United States


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