California – 8YLJ736

License State / Plate: California – 8YLJ736

Type of Bad Driving Event: Aggressive

Date / Time: 04/16/2022 10:00 AM

Location: Lincoln Blvd & Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA

Vehicle Make & Model: Buick Encore

Event and Driver Description (no doxing please): Driver was driving excessively fast, weaving in and out of lanes, cutting people off with mere inches to spare. All of this was unnecessary, since there was little traffic on the road at this moment and he would not have had to lose very much time waiting in lines like a decent human. This person cut people off so close and with nobody else around, so it felt more like an attack than somebody who was just in a terrible hurry. Driver also attempted to force his way into a line of cars stopped at the light, where there was no room for a shoe, let alone a car. The driver of the car that this aggressive driver attempted to bully, shouted at him and had a number of choice words for him. It was unbelievable. Aggressive driver then pulled into right hand turn lane (lane required to turn right at the light) and instead of turning, sped ahead of the traffic in the regular (non-turn) lanes and cut them off as well. This driver is dangerous and aggressive and I hope realizes this before (s)he hurts somebody. There are many pedestrians in this beach/tourist area.

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