California – QUIROS5

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: This started on east-bound highway 84 also known as Dumbarton Bridge in Newark CA This impatient, aggressive asshole was swerving between the lanes and tailgating with zero safety margin. I took the Thornton Ave. exit towards Paseo Padre Pkwy. I met this road rager at the red light. He starts driving very slowly. OK, I passed him in the slow lane since he was blocking the fast lane. He gets behind me and starts tailgating again. We are the only 2 cars on entire street! We stop at the Paseo Padre Pkwy./Ardenwood Blvd. intersection. Green light, he tailgates me again. I go to the right lane, he goes to the right lane, I go to the left lane, he tries to pass me in the right lane, but this time the idiot saw me dialing 911 so he slammed on the brakes and tried to hide behind. Hiding way behind, he made a turn from Union City Blvd. onto Dolores Dr. Too late. I have his wild idiot behavior on dash cam video and the cops know about him too. Serious mental issues and windows tinted to the point where they are no longer windows.
Driver Description: Male – I could not see anything else because the windows on this car are tinted black. This is completely illegal in California, by the way.
Vehicle Make/Model: Mercedes Benz/E Class
Event Date/Time: June 03, 2020 15:39:00 pm
Location: California, United States


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