Category: Reported Bad Driver

Arizona – CJR4822

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Aggressive tailgating, reckless driving, rapid lane change, any car that was in front of him look out, high beams will flash. Driver Description: No description on driver windows were to dark to see Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge/Ram Event Date/Time: September 11, 2019 05:25:00 am Location: Arizona, United States

California – 8JWU549

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: The driver turns left from the left of me even though I was on the most left lane, so the driver invented their own left turn lane. Then the driver cut me off and did not merge on the proper lane. Link to video: Driver Description: Not sure Vehicle…

California – 7MGZ882

Event: No Signals Event Description: The driver did not turn on their left turn signal while turning left or right before on a left/straight lane. Link to video: Driver Description: Not Sure Vehicle Make/Model: MERCEDES-BENZ/CLA-Class Event Date/Time: September 11, 2019 07:18:00 am Location: California, United States

Virginia – 712971

Event: Reckless Event Description: Reckless dickhead on a motorcycle speeding 75+ in a 55, tailgating and passing multiple vehicles on double-yellow on a busy 2-lane thoroughfare. The good news? He’ll only screw up ONCE…. SPLAT! And a small white crucifix and floral arrangement will pop up in that spot shortly after…. Driver Description: Idiot Male…

California – 8GZV923

Event: Litter Bug Event Description: The driver dropped a small piece of plastic or similar material on the road at the stoplight. Driver Description: Not sure, tinted windows Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Pathfinder Event Date/Time: September 10, 2019 01:20:00 am Location: California, United States

Arizona – ALG7478

Event: Braked abruptly for no reason Event Description: They braked abruptly when there was more than 2 car spaces ahead of them causing myself to slam on my own brakes. Could have caused an accident. I was at least 5 ft away from them. This was on rural and Apache when this happened. They seemed…

California – 6XPU591

Event: Shit-Box Hero Event Description: Moron came out of the welfare office on Crows Landing Rd and managed to cut me off, and then acted like a total bitch when I called him out on it, he ran a red light to escape. Driver Description: Typical white trash from airport district, one step away from…

Tennessee – J23500

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Driver almost ran me off the road passing illegally. At the traffic light ahead after passing me, we were both stopped at the red light. Driver got out of his truck and proceeded to verbally and physically threaten me. I’m a small woman alone in the car. Driver Description: Male,…

Texas – GDZ6068

Event: Reckless Event Description: Cut into my lane almost hitting my front fender (I had to hit the brakes to miss him), no signal, and no reason. There were no cars directly in front of him to even need to go around. I honked to let him know I was right there, and he still…

Florida – IG24DC

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Tailgating and subsequent sharp lane change in dense traffic. Watch out for this imbecile Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Altima Event Date/Time: September 06, 2019 07:34:00 am Location: Florida, United States