Category: Reported Bad Driver

New Mexico – AKSC70

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver was in left turn lane and I was in the main lane going straight. She decided to break out of the turn lane and almost hit me. Driver Description: Female 30-40 with long curly hair Vehicle Make/Model: General Motors/Equinox Event Date/Time: October 16, 2020 07:19:00 am Location: New Mexico, United…

Oregon – 249LNM

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Pulled out in front of traffic Driver Description: Slammed on breaks to attempt to break check a couple cars who had to slam on breaks due to his poor driving skills. Vehicle Make/Model: Ford /F150 Event Date/Time: October 15, 2020 16:45:00 pm Location: Oregon, United States

Texas – LLK4127

Event: Cut Off Event Description: U-turned at red light, jumped three lanes of oncoming traffic. Everyone had to slam of brakes to avoid rear-ending. Driver Description: Short, fat Mexican woman. Approx. age 55. 2018 Red Tesla Model X VIN: 5YJXCAE2XJF115360 Vehicle Make/Model: Tesla/Model X Event Date/Time: October 15, 2020 13:45:00 pm Location: Texas, United States

New York – FYF5473

Event: Reckless Event Description: Moved the barricades to a closed road so she could drive down. Swerved at my dog and I as a way to tell me “get out of the street” Driver Description: Boomer aged white lady with short grey hair. appeared to be driving delivery for some company. Many identical boxes in…

Texas – GHR6994

Event: No Signals Event Description: No signal – at left turn lane to get onto I-30 east at Chapel Creek Boulevard. No signal getting onto the highway (while entering highway at 45mph). Continued to do the no signal crap once on Loop 820 west. Driver Description: Too dark to tell, but obviously a blithering idiot…

Texas – NDT4832

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Swerved at me while I was in the passing lane trying to pass, then he sped up and got in front of me brake checking me. He sped up, slowed down, and changed lanes to keep me from getting over. I slowed way down just so he would drive off and…

New Jersey -X57JHV

Event: Reckless Event Description: Driver jumped painted shoulder into lane and tried to go around multiple victims Driver Description: Proceeded to taunt driver after cutting him off Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/Pilot Event Date/Time: October 14, 2020 23:31:00 pm Location: New Jersey, United States

Illinois – BQ86223

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut me off at a dangerous intersection/railroad crossing. I almost hit her. Driver Description: Her face was the real crime. Oof. Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Rav4 Event Date/Time: October 12, 2020 17:15:00 pm Location: Illinois, United States

Pennsylvania – KYF0911

Event: Reckless Event Description: Driver was weaving in and out of congested traffic on I-78 in PA well over the speed limit at ~ 80mph in a 55mph zone. Driver cut off numerous other drivers. Driver became extremely agitated and belligerent with hand gestures when other drivers attempted to move out of his way acting…