Category: Reported Bad Drivers

California – 7TJW990

Event: Reckless Event Description: Reckless rain driver Driver Description: Male driver Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Versa Event Date/Time: February 16, 2019 01:40:00 am Location: California, United States Original Report

California – 5UXJ805

Event: Reckless Event Description: This kid is speeding down E Leland Rd about 60-70 while im doing 40; he ends up stuck behind a lot of cars I end up catching up to him at Railroad Ave. Then at the light on Crestview Dr he runs straight through the light! Driver Description: Fat, possibly spanish…

Florida – JSHR55

Event: Aggressive Event Description: AGGRESSIVE tailgating and speeding. While on my bumper, I tried to move over to the clear lane for them to pass, only followed me over, then got angry still on my bumper, went around and merged in front of me quick. took pictures. Reckless female driver. No wonder insurance is so…

New Jersey – ZSK17R

Event: Road Rage Event Description: Middle aged white male did not allow me to zipper merge. The pickup ahead of me had reached the merge point and I was indicating into the space behind the van he merged in front of. You know, like how you’re supposed to. The reckless car aggressively tailgated the van…

Virginia – VUD5613

Event: Reckless Event Description: Reckless dickhead speeding 55+ in a 35 MPH zone, made worse given the FREEZING RAIN and slick road conditions in the area. Fucking piece of shit. Driver Description: Typical brainless Central Shen-Valley douchebag. Vehicle Make/Model: WHITE/SEDAN Event Date/Time: February 12, 2019 06:35:00 am Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Kentucky – 961XCA

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Beeping and angry, trying to get me to move forward unsafely in steep parking garage when stuck in traffic. Driver Description: Aggressive and rude; angrily asked why I didn’t move forward… would not listen as valet and I explained the logical scenario… just agitated, steam rolling loudly and stormed off. An…

Virginia – LAMCMM

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Driver blows a stops sign and cuts me off. Tailgates the person in front of me and can’t maintain position in lane. Driver Description: Thought a female. Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan/Pathfinder Platinum / 2017 Event Date/Time: February 13, 2019 16:30:00 pm Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Texas – KTN5481

Event: Aggressive Event Description: 13 Feb 2019 03:02:46 I looked at her plate and realize she’s done this habitually. This is what she did to me and my daughter. She came honking maniacally, and swerving into traffic, she was pulling by every cars windows and yelling at them to let them in she did it…

Wisconsin – ADV3029

Event: Phone/Texting Event Description: Texting and driving blew through red light Driver Description: Teen driver curly hair Vehicle Make/Model: Jeep/Jeep Event Date/Time: February 13, 2019 00:59:00 am Location: Wisconsin, United States Original Report

Texas – DX2T585

Event: Parked in the MIDDLE of street Event Description: I was going down Amelia Court behind this fuktard psychopath, and he just STOPS in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET AND PARKS! Then he GETS OUT OF THE VEHICLE AND JUST WALKS OFF!!!! Not only PARKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, ALSO PARKED ACROSS THE…