Category: Reported Bad Drivers

North Carolina – FJK3994

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Sea foam greenish blue Driver Description: Rude, cut me off in the line for gas at a sams club, completely ignorant and piece of shit. Like how do you miss my big truck you dumbass. Vehicle Make/Model: Fors/Focus Event Date/Time: October 14, 2018 21:52:00 pm Location: North Carolina, United States…

Maryland – 51075CE

Event: Merge Impaired Event Description: Classic zipper merge situation, cars have been doing it perfectly until this driver shouted at me that ‘This is MY lane!!!” and almost ran me off the road pushing up from behind me and cutting me off. Driver Description: Older white lady. Kind of the classic entitled boomer that you…

North Carolina – FHA9605

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Guy cuts me off at the last second. Zipper merge impaired fool. Fully loaded dually and am unable to stop quick and easy. Driver Description: 30s white male. Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Equinox LT / 2018 Event Date/Time: October 07, 2018 13:21:00 pm Location: North Carolina, United States Original Report

Missouri – 4HU868

Event: Aggressive Event Description: tailgating, honking, cutting off, slams on brakes so you’ll crash/collide, no signals. Driver Description: Vehicle Make/Model: / Event Date/Time: October 11, 2018 21:27:00 pm Location: Missouri, United States Original Report

Ohio – HCU6580

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Dude tailgated me from Nelson rd near Nelson Park. He was on my bumper. I was going 40 in 35 but I slowed down and went the speed limit. Dude tailgated me and then at Fifth Avenue and Nelson he came up on the side of me to the right and…

Pennsylvania – ZJB5709

Event: Aggressive Event Description: Passed on right and cut me off getting back over to left. Drove way over the speed limit. Driver Description: Cant tell if its a man or a really ugly woman. Vehicle Make/Model: Ford FS 150/ Event Date/Time: October 10, 2018 16:54:00 pm Location: Pennsylvania, United States Original Report

Indiana – FAMOUS

Event: Reckless Event Description: Cut off nearly hitting front end of car as getting onto the interstate then brake checked and even stopped on the on ramp nearly causing a wreck. Driver Description: Male, black, slender, looks like a wannabe Dave chapelle Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Impala Event Date/Time: October 10, 2018 20:38:00 pm Location: Indiana, United…

Virginia – WTR5724

Event: Speeding Event Description: Reckless bitch speeding 55+ in a 35 MPH zone. Driver Description: Idiot female Vehicle Make/Model: Silver Mini SUV/ Event Date/Time: October 08, 2018 08:30:00 am Location: Virginia, United States Original Report

Maryland – 1DG1506

Event: Cut Off Event Description: Cut me off at high speed from a turn only lane, at extremely close proximity. Changed lanes, cut me off again a block down, sped through a red light and cut off another driver to speed off. Driver Description: Dark tinted windows. Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/ Event Date/Time: October 08, 2018…

California – 61XR839

Event: Reckless Event Description: At turning lane waiting for cars to pass and the car behind us started honking and the they tried to pass us but we didnt let them Driver Description: Mid 30s black hair looks skinny Vehicle Make/Model: Buick/Sedan 2013 Event Date/Time: October 08, 2018 12:19:00 pm Location: California, United States Original…