Category: Reported Bad Drivers

Louisiana – C347785

Aggressive ford/f250 Tailgating, weaving, speeding, insecure pipe in truck bed, trying to intimidate other drivers with hand gestures and by taking cell phone video while driving Male, 30s

Maryland – 2CG9775

Failure to yield Maryland bmw/328xi 20 something age female driver with dark hair drifted out of her land and almost struck my vehicle then was upset and proceeded to flip me off because I was in her way. entitled.

California – 7KKV085

Aggressive Toyota/Corolla Cut off other drivers exiting to the San Mateo Bridge, crossed over the divide aggressively, caused more backed up traffic. Glasses, male, very bad hair – looks like he forgot to use a comb. Original Report

Georgia – RHG5506

Road Rage Event Driver cut me off, went around him and then he kept trying to cut me off and almost hit me, after I changed lanes to turn. After he/she almost hit my car, I followed to take a picture of the vehicle. I am reporting this at all levels until this driver is…

Virginia – FASCP

Passive-Aggressive Vehicle Make/Model: Subaru/Crosstrek – White Event Description: Completely hogging the left lane and not allowing any to pass. When finally able to pass in the right lane she speeds up to prevent it. Just a real butthole maneuver. Driver Description: Older short haired white lady. Original Report

The New Ford Bronco Will Be A Real Body-On-Frame SUV

David Tracy Lots of enthusiasts are worried that the newly announced 2020 Ford Bronco, will be a soft crossover with a Bronco badge and no real off-roading abilities, not a legit Jeep Wrangler competitor. But Ford just confirmed that this thing will have a good old fashioned ladder frame just like the off-road gods…

2017 Toyota Tacoma Review

Christian Wardlaw Introduction Toyota dominates midsize pickup truck sales. During the first quarter of 2017, the automaker sold almost twice as many Tacoma pickups as Chevrolet did Colorados. However, this sales performance does not align with the Tacoma’s performance in the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study.SM Despite a…

Toyota’s Making a High-Performance Yaris

With the Yaris competing in rally racing, a fast production version is a deliciously logical progression. Chris Perkins Toyota will soon build a hot hatch to join the fun alongside the rear-drive 86 and the new LC 500 coupe. Yep, the automaker’s newest World Rally Championship (WRC) car will influence a production version of…