Colorado – 907NQO

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: I thought this girl was going to PIT me as I tried to get out of her way. Really aggressive and bad driving continued to weave in and out of traffic recklessly as she either tried to get ahead of everyone or just away from my phone camera.
Driver Description: You can find out all about this bad driver as her website is advertised right on the car. Odd to see such an aggressive driver with all the info about her business tattooed on her own windows. If I were going to drive this badly I’d try and make sure I couldn’t be identified so easily.
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevy /
Event Date/Time: November 19, 2020 08:50:00 am
Location: Colorado, United States


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  1. Go to Yelp and leave a bad review for her business and describe your encounter, such that it would discourage a potential customer to think before doing business with someone with no apparent sense of driving responsibility or respect for other drivers.

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