Colorado trooper shares ‘secret’ to driving in snow, bad weather

DENVER, Colo. – If you had to travel on the snowy roads during your morning drive, you probably noticed at least one accident.

A trooper in Colorado is sharing the secret to driving in snow and winter weather.

“When you get cold weather and snow, you get a combination of bad roadways. And when you get bad roadways covered in snow and ice, you get something that we like to call bad drivers,” Trooper Lewis, with the Colorado State Patrol, said during a video on the department’s Facebook page.

Trooper Lewis says every winter, there are dozens of people who will get into car accident because they simply don’t know how to drive in snow and ice.


“If you’re ready to know the secret of how to drive in snow- slow down. Yeah, that’s really it. Slow down, that’s all you need to do. Just don’t go as fast. Remember the big speed limit signs that you see out there- those are for clear, dry roadways,” he said. “This, this right here, is not a clear, dry roadway.”

Experts say drivers should always take their time on the roads, keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you, and leave early for your destination.

Lewis says that if you go too fast, you may end up in an accident or slide off the roadway.

“When we have to pull out these cars because somebody went off the roadway, it makes troopers cold. And when troopers get cold, we get cranky. Nobody wants a cranky trooper!”


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