Coyote survives 20-mile ride embedded in car’s grille

Mike Moffitt

Editor’s Note: Not really a bad driver, but thought it an interesting article.

A coyote with all the luck of Wile E. tried to scamper across a road in Alberta, Canada, ahead of a speeding car. It didn’t make it.

The driver, Georgie Knox recounted last week’s incident on Facebook. She was driving to work when she “heard a crunch” and thought the unfortunate animal was goner.

But at a stoplight near her workplace, a construction worker informed Knox that there was in fact a coyote “embedded in my car.”

When she checked, “this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me.”

Stuck in the grille, the coyote had ridden from Airdrie to Calgary, about 21 miles, at highway speeds, but amazingly was only slightly injured. Knox called Alberta Fish and Game, which sent a biologist to check him out.


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