Dash-cam diaries: OC Transpo driver posting Bad Driving videos to YouTube

The anonymous driver is calling out some bad driving and giving people a look at what it’s like behind the wheel.

Adam Kveton

Ottawa residents have found plenty of reasons to bash OC Transpo over the years, but one driver is giving people a view from behind the wheel.

An OC Transpo driver began posting dash-cam footage to his YouTube channel – Channel Two – more than a year ago.

Most of the clips are time lapses of particular routes. But recently he tried something different – a 13-minute compilation of bad drivers.

It’s hard to spot the infractions in some clips, but others are blatantly obvious.

The driver – who didn’t want to give his name because he’s not sure if OC Transpo would approve of the videos – says he started the YouTube channel for fun.

“I thought, ‘I do this every day. May as well make something to entertain myself with.’”

His videos have so far garnered a few thousand views.

One video caught an Ottawa police cruiser cutting him off to make a right-hand turn. In the clip, the bus driver calls out the police car number.

But he says his ordeals are relatively minor compared to those of his fellow drivers.

He’s nonchalant when asked if he’s worried OC Transpo might find ask him to stop posting dash-cam videos. “If they tell me to stop, I’ll stop.”

OC Transpo says it “does not support video recording or photographing by its employees while on duty.”

“As such, the videos posted on this YouTube channel are neither produced nor authorized by the City of Ottawa,” read an emailed statement attributed to Troy Charter, director of transit operations.


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