Don’t Cut Off A Bus

Kristen Lee

I wasn’t aware that this needed repeating, but I suppose we all require some common sense brushing up from time to time. Here’s today’s Very Obvious Reminder: Don’t, for the love of all that’s holy, ever cut off a bus.

Don’t be like this Porsche Cayenne driver, who, for some reason, tried to cut off this bus. I don’t care if you screwed up your navigation and realized that you had to turn at the last second. I don’t care if you might have to wait for traffic to pass. Don’t cut off a bus.

You shouldn’t cut people off in general, but this is doubly true for a bus. It’s super dangerous! Buses are way heavier than cars, which means that it takes much longer for them to slow down. Leave them a lot of room, if you can.

This has been Captain Obvious, signing off.


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