Ele.me to pay rewards to catch out bad drivers

Chen Huizhi

POPULAR online food delivery service ele.me is offering rewards to customers who report traffic violations by its riders through its WeChat account.

The announcement was made at an event with Shanghai traffic police yesterday to promote road safety among e-bike riders delivering food.

Residents are encouraged to take pictures of the company’s food deliverymen running red lights, riding in the wrong lane, onto an elevated road or into a tunnel, or parking on a vehicle lane.

Those who upload valid evidence will be rewarded 10 yuan (US$1.50) each time from a special fund for traffic safety the company has established.

This is one of the latest efforts from local food delivery services amid increasing complaints about their employees flouting the law. Tip-offs can only currently be lodged in Chinese.

Zhang Xian, the director of the delivery operations department of ele.me, said the company’s internal campaign against traffic offenses by deliverymen in Shanghai and Beijing in May this year yielded positive results.

“Our traffic supervisors covered more than 600 crossroads in the two cities and recorded more than 6,000 offenses in a month,” he said. “But the rate of traffic offenses among our food deliverymen dropped from 25.8 to 7 percent.”


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