Falcon Zero F170 32GB 1080p Full-HD Wide Angle Car DVR Dashcam

Falcon Zero F170+ 1080P Full HD Car DVR DashCam

FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam 1080P 170° Viewing Angle 32GB microSD Card Included FULL HD

falcon_zero_dash_camThe Falcon Zero F170+ HD Dash Cam DVR. Just as a falcon has extraordinary eye sight and clarity, so does the F170+ HD. But it doesn’t stop there, add a bunch of features and unparalleled customer support and we guarantee you will be driving safely with a smile on your face.

Fully adjustable

With our swivel ball joint mount you will have the ability to turn the F170+ HD to virtually any direction needed. This feature also allows for endless angles to record where as most DVRs are stationary. Getting pulled over? Turn the camera towards you to get everything on record. Someone tailgating you? Turn it towards the rear windshield to get it all on tape just in case.

2.7 inch LCD Screen

Not all DVR’s are created equally. Ours fortunately was created with a built in 2.7 inch LCD screen. This offers two valuable features; to see what you are recording and to be able to change a setting in your vehicle without the hassle of hooking it to the computer to change anything. Actually three; you can also playback video – with sound – and pictures on the LCD screen.

Easy Installation

The F170+ HD is designed to stay on while your vehicle is on; and powers off when the ignition is powered down. Included is a 10 feet power cord that you run through the interior of your cabin, pictured below, so no pesky wires or cords obstruct your view.


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