Florida – JTKX37

License State / Plate: Florida – JTKX37

Type of Bad Driving Event: Road Rage

Date / Time: 09/14/2021 5:30 PM

Location: US-90, Jacksonville, FL 32224, USA

Vehicle Make & Model: Black Toyota Tacoma

Event and Driver Description: I observed a male driver of this 2009 Toyota Tacoma pickup aggressively cut off a young mother in a blue SUV, exit his vehicle and physically confront her about something and threaten her. I don’t know what the woman allegedly did to deserve that, but I don’t believe anything justified that kind of response. I was about to intervene if the driver did not cease his assault. I’m a concealed carrier and don’t stand for these kind of unjustified assaults on people in public. People like this need to know how close they really are to a justified, legal, ass whooping when they don’t know how to act in public.

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