Georgia – CHK7919

License State / Plate:
Georgia – CHK7919

Type of Bad Driving Event:
Road Rage

Date / Time:
11/17/2021 10:00 PM

Sandy Springs, GA 30350, USA

Vehicle Make & Model:
Audi A6

Event and Driver Description (no doxing please):
This jackass came racing up behind us on 400 just north of the perimeter in all the construction traffic with traffic in the left lane already moving at plenty of speed and started flashing his high beams like it was the autobahn.

When we didn’t yield to their insistent flashing, they raced around us and then did the “I’ve a small-PP” “squat” cut-off-and-slam-on-the-brakes move in front of us. Not just once, but continuously, with full brake slam, people behind us having to panic brake as well, until I could get my wife to get a video going. When he saw her capturing his plate he tried like a P-word to race off.

This asshole would have had our 2021 Blazer SUV in their back seat if we didn’t full brake to a stop, and it would have been well-deserved. Luckily our car is a rental and I am not worried about fixing the new groaning sound from the transmission after this encounter. We are reporting him (I say him because this behavior usually requires a deficiency syndrome that arises when the look down at the urinal is a shameful experience) to the police.


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