Georgia – CKZ3715

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: Myself and 2 other cars were in the turning lane at the intersection of Ponce de Leon and Glen Iris. Which is an extremely busy intersection with a flashing arrow I was about the 3rd car in position for a left turn prior to getting in the turning lane this extremely rude Reckless bully was trying to terrorize myself and others by vigorously flashing his high beam lights riding extremely close in a high traffic area drove on the wrong side of the street just to bypass all of us nearly causing an accident between both intersections purposely stopped abruptly on PURPOSE after turning leaving my vehicle and another vehicle in the danger of on coming traffic on Ponce De Leon. As he was driving on Glen Iris kept constantly stopping as if he wanted me to run into him. I’ve been a professional driver for several years plus a very cautious driver personally so im used to driving defensively and have EXCELLENT ratings with Uber and Lyft that can be verified. No regard for others and endangering us. Clearly this driver has done this before and was extremely confident in his/her antics!!! We had a toddler in our vehicle I’m grateful that myself and the other drivers were on top of taking care of our perspective vehicles but we should not have to do these kinds of things people like this don’t deserve to drive and should be on a database especially if the report comes up again
Driver Description: Unfortunately cannot see the driver the windows were heavily tinted don’t know if it was a male or a female either way they were a jerk reckless driver no regards for human safety of others
Vehicle Make/Model: Acura/RDX
Event Date/Time: July 27, 2020 18:58:00 pm
Location: Georgia, United States


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