What happens when you give an Uber driver a bad rating


The rating you give your Uber driver at the end of every trip has a massive influence on their business.

Uber drivers are required to maintain a certain rating and falling below this required score could cause them to be suspended.

The rating system works two ways, with drivers also able to rate passengers.

However, drivers are required to maintain high ratings or face permanent consequences.

Rating Requirements

According to Uber Johannesburg’s driver portal, drivers are required to maintain a minimum average rating depending on the amount of trips they have completed.

Drivers are required to maintain a rating of at least 3.8 at all times, regardless of the number of trips completed.

The minimum average driver ratings, based on trips completed, are detailed below.

Trips Completed Average Rating to Maintain
20 Rated Trips 4.0
40 Rated Trips 4.2
60 Rated Trips 4.2
80 Rated Trips 4.35
100+ Rated Trips 4.4


An Uber driver whose average rating falls below their required threshold will be made to attend retraining.

Drivers are given two opportunities to attend retraining and recover their rating. If their rating falls below the threshold for a third time, the driver will be permanently suspended from Uber.

If a driver scores an average of 4.4 or more in the week but misses their threshold, they will not be suspended.

Drivers can also be permanently deactivated for other reasons, including fraud, a lack of safety, and discrimination.

Update: Uber response

Uber said it implemented the five star rating system to ensure mutual respect between driver-partners and riders on the platform.

“Uber is deeply committed to the safety of both riders and driver-partners on the platform,” said the company.

“Should a driver-partner’s rating drop below average, they are asked to go to Uber’s office so the team can provide the driver with some tailored feedback to improve their service for their customers.”

Uber said a driver’s rating also affects their opportunities with the company, such as the Uber and WesBank vehicle lease programme.

“The programme is not based on credit ratings, but rather eligibility is determined by WesBank based on their established earnings and quality record with Uber,” said Uber.

“Next time you rate your trip, consider what your rating means to your driver-partner before clicking on those stars.”


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