‘Idiot Drivers of Newfoundland’ Page Fueled by Bad Driving Habits


A woman who started a Facebook Group to call out people with bad driving habits had no idea she would garner so much attention.

Melissa Nicole Whalen is the administrator of “Idiot Drivers of Newfoundland,” a group which now has over 8,000 members. She says people are using it to rant and get the rage out of their system when they see drivers behaving badly. She cites the rash of fatalities on our roads in recent months as a reminder to all of what can happen.

Whalen started the group out of concern for her unborn child. People have been relating many stories of drivers who don’t use their indicators, ignore the speed limit and do crazy things such as pull in front of other vehicles.

She will become a first-time mom in about a month, and wants the roads to be safe for her child.

View Idiot Drivers of Newfoundland at this link.


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