Illinois – BD74621

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: My fiance and I were in the area to pick up our kittens from the vet hospital across the street, and we needed some last minute things from the Walmart nearby. On our way home, we were at a red light waiting to turn right. There were so many cars on this busy street (it was Kingery Highway on a Monday afternoon) so we could not go without it being dangerous. This vehicle behind us suddenly THROWS some yellow plastic object AT OUR CAR and then cusses out at us to aggressively to go. By now we were upset they caused us damage and were behaving highly offensively so I pull out my phone to get a picture of the vehicle. As we continued along the road, we see this same car zig zagging dangerously between other cars to speed forward. They eventually exited to the right soon afterwards, and thankfully I was able to memorize the license plate at this time. They continued to flip us off until we were out of sight. It was a very stressful and dangerous encounter and something we would not want to happen to anyone else. We felt very helpless and threatened and worried this driver might hit another car or damage another car with thrown projectiles. Thank you and please be safe.
Driver Description: The driver was a large, dark man, and he had what looked like two other passengers in the passenger seat and in the back seat. The driver was wearing a bright red t-shirt (we noticed as he stuck his arm out the window to flash obscene gestures in our direction).
Vehicle Make/Model: Chevrolet/Impala
Event Date/Time: July 06, 2020 17:21:00 pm
Location: Illinois, United States


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