Illinois – P1Z2312

Event: Shit-Box Hero
Event Description: Super aggressive driver. Was on a two lane road and was riding my ass closely. I saw there was an opening and merged from the left lane to the right and apparently this where the driver of this vehicle thought I cut him off so rode me even closer and waved his middle finger at me. Decided to tap my brakes after 2 miles because I was getting frustrated. He took this as an insult and at a red light, he decided to get next to me and tell me some awesome slang he just learned about. He insisted I roll down my window and I waved to him move along. He then thought by me doing this I was a “pussy”. I told him to fuck off and as the lane I was in was the turn lane with multiple cars behind me he decide to merge into the right lane and slam on the brakes causing me to nearly hit him and other cars behind me to hit me. This made multiple people behind me honk at this scumbag. I tried my best to get a clear picture of his liscense plate but failed to do so. The partial I did get was P1Z or something similar. I believe the last 4 digits are 2312 or something similar
Driver Description: The driver was dressed in what looked like cintrcution or traffic gear. Neon jumpsuit and was wearing a beanie. Looked like your typical douchbag. Had a beard as well.
Vehicle Make/Model: Dodge /Charger
Event Date/Time: March 04, 2019 07:30:00 am
Location: Illinois, United States

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