Illinois – POPJOY

Event: Road Rage
Event Description: Driving under the speed limit. Repeatedly slammed on brakes with no one in front of her. Stayed stopped in the middle of the road with no one in front of her. Almost caused multiple accidents and definitely disrupted the flow of traffic. She stopped in the middle of a one lane road (no stop sign, no stoplight) and got out of her car to confront me. She screamed in my face pointing her finger in my face and said, “If you don’t stop tailgating me, I will beat your f*cking @ss”. She was clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but I just froze and stared at her because I didn’t want to escalate the situation. I hadn’t been tailgating, but I did almost rear end her several times due to her erratic stopping for no reason.
Driver Description: Middle aged white female. Blond hair, medium length. Blue, glassy eyes. 5’10”, 250 lbs.
Vehicle Make/Model: Scion/IQ
Event Date/Time: January 09, 2020 14:50:00 pm
Location: Illinois, United States

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