Indiana – DB8319

Event: Cut Off
Event Description: Male driver, wasn’t looking, drinking coffee and jerking off with his cell phone. The driver sat there in his 2016 Honda Accord Sport waiting to make a left hand turn/ pulling out while playing with his cell phone, failed to look to his right on Prairie Baptist Road and pulled out in front of us on Southeastern Pkwy at the last second while we were traveling 50 mph which is the posted speed limit for Southeastern Parkway. reaction time was a second as we had to slam on our breaks while blowing the horn and passed to avoid
Driver Description: Male driver Gray Honda Accord Sport 2016 Honda Accord Sport DB8319 License Plate DB8319 Indiana Plate DB8319 Indiana Colts Plate DB8319 Indiana Football Plate DB8319 Indiana NFL Plate DB8319 Indiana License License Plate DB8319 NFL Colts Football Plate DB8319
Vehicle Make/Model: Honda/2016 Honda Accord Sport
Event Date/Time: May 07, 2020 11:00:00 am
Location: Indiana, United States


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