Indiana – Reckless


Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota/Yaris
Event Description: Southbound on I-69 between Lima Rd and St Rd 14/Illinois Rd, driving 80-100 mph. Tailgating most cars in their way, weaving across all 3 lanes repeatedly, cutting of other drivers repeatedly. I tried to pace this vehicle (4 second rule) to get it’s complete license plate number, but it pulled away from me at 95 mph. Surrounding traffic was driving 65-70 mph.
Driver Description: Dark gray Toyota Yaris belongs to Stoller Dental Laboratory, Inc. as evidenced by the adwrap “” on back. Indiana “In God We Trust” license plate starting with “HF —–“. Driver wore a dark knit cap, appeared to be African American and of short stature. Driver was bobbing their head back and forth as if listening to music.

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