Kansas – 859JNB


Event: Road Rage
Event Description: This old dude (50’s to 60’s) in Lenexa, KS, will speed up on you and if you try to make a lane change while he is if he’s behind you (he will not use a blinker, either) he will swerve back into the other lane and speed around you like he’s not driving a 10 year old Infiniti and he’s not 5’8’’. He started screaming at me after I made a completely legal lane change and then got back over into the lane I needed to be in to get into our gym as if I was the one driving like a psycho, then proceeded to take two roundabouts with 25 mph speed limits at easily 50-60 mph.
Driver Description: Middle age white male, buzzed hair and beard, hair appears reddish but beard was more gray. Medium build, 5’10’’ or less, with glasses.
Vehicle Make/Model: Infiniti/M56x
Event Date/Time: December 06, 2019 12:00:00 pm
Location: Kansas, United States


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