Maryland – 811M384

Event: Passing stopped school bus
Event Description: To the owner of this vehicle you should be ashamed of yourself! That bus was full of kids that could have been your daughter, your niece, your neighbors son. In rush-hour traffic or 924 going every bit of 60 mph in a 30, using the turning lane as your personal passing lane to pass a school bus who is just trying to get those kiddos home safely. I’m so glad you were in such a rush to get stuck at the light with that very same bus. You sir have no idea where that bus has to stop, how many kids get on or off, whether they cross or not. You endangered your self, the cars around the bus, the bus, and the driver and passengers of the bus. And then when the bus pulled up beside you at that light you pretended like you were going to throw something at the bus. bravo sir you’re real man. Please feel free to share he was turning onto Moores Mill Road, maybe this can get back to his family and they can be just as ashamed of this grown ass man as I am
Driver Description: Unknown
Vehicle Make/Model: HONDA/CR-V LX
Event Date/Time: November 21, 2018 15:12:00 pm
Location: Maryland, United States

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