Maryland – FW0178

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: I was in passing lane with my right indicator light on, waiting until it was safe move right. Truck tailgated me at high speed. I taloed my brakes to get the truck to back iff my bumper and mj ed i to the right lane. The truck then swerved in front of me and me and braked. I braked and slowed, causing cars behind me to brake fast. I moved i to the left lane and the truck swerved in front of me again and braked. This happened at least twice more. I took this picture and dialed #77
Driver Description: Couldn’t see the driver. Truck was a black 4 x 4. Not sure of the state
Vehicle Make/Model: /
Event Date/Time: February 19, 2021 17:00:00 pm
Location: Maryland, United States


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