Minnesota – ELN665

Event: Road Rage
Event Description: Driver was tailgating behind me this evening as I was sitting at a left turn yield only lane and had a car in front of me that was not turning due to a pedestrian walking in the crosswalk. The driver behind me was honking their horn excessively! When I was finally able to turn left the driver behind me sped up and went around me and I honked my horn politely at them. The car then got in front of me in my lane and braked immediately causing me to slam on my brakes with my children in the backseat where I almost rear ended her. She placed her car in park and got out of the vehicle and began cursing and flipping me off. You can imagine what their nationality was without me telling you.
Driver Description:
Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/Explorer
Event Date/Time: April 24, 2021 16:00:00 pm
Location: Minnesota, United States


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