Naming and shaming bad drivers

To stop the phenomenon of bad driving maybe we should start naming and shaming the bad drivers.

Roedolf Walker

Not sure whether you saw the Carte Blanche programme on June 10. People blame the minibus taxis for mayhem, chaos and accidents on the road, yet people showed via dash-cam for 10 days how drivers of normal sedan cars behaved and ignored traffic regulations.

It’s dangerous enough to be on our roads every day and therefore absolutely stupid to begin with to disregard red traffic lights and stop signs, it is even more stupid to do so when you have a company logo on your vehicle and/or a personalised number plate.

Maybe if we name and shame these drivers they will have a second thought prior to their next violation.

At the corner of Hennie Alberts and Jackson streets in Brackenhurst a man with a big sign on his car giving both his name and company ignored the stop sign and drove right over as if it does not even exist.

At the corner of Appelgrein and Van Tromp streets in Brackenhurst the lady driver of a silver BMW with personalised number plate did exactly the same, ignored the stop and drove right across as if it did not exist.

On Carte Blanche, the question was asked what should we do to curb this behaviour? Well, we have plenty of personalised number plate vehicle owners, so do we have plenty with business signs on their vehicles. If we start naming and shaming them and make examples of them, a good number of drivers will already forthwith start obeying the rules knowing they can be identified and maybe their obedience will be contagious.

Just a thought …

Magda, Brackenhurst resident


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