New app from Gasbuddy lets drivers learn where they are wasting gas

Tim Harlow

Cost conscious drivers likely search for the gas station with the lowest price to save a few pennies, but real savings begin with how you operate the pedal and brakes.

Aggressive driving, speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking wastes gas and can result in lower gas mileage as much as 40 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. And that in turn can wipe out any savings realized at the pump.

On Tuesday, the gas price tracking firm GasBuddy released a new Trips feature to for app users allowing them to see just where they have been guilty of fuel-inefficient driving.

“Our goal is to help people make smart decisions when they’re on the road, from providing real-time gas prices to which stations have the cleanest restrooms,” said Levi Hamilton, head of product, consumer experience, at GasBuddy. “The new Trips feature provides motorists with transparency on how they’re driving and, in turn, impacting their wallets.”

Of course, another goal behind the app it to improve Americans’ driving habits. The three most fuel guzzling habits that rob drivers of gas mileage are hard braking, rapid acceleration and speeding. Avoiding those behaviors can save drivers between 13 cents and 89 cents a gallon, Patrick DeHaan, head petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.

With the new Trips feature, drivers get an assessment of their trips based on a 3-tier rating system — great, not bad, or not great. The summaries include the date, time, distance and maps out when and where during the trip a poor driving habit occurred whether it be speeding, hard braking or acceleration.

GasBuddy analyzed more than 140,000 individual trips and found that a majority of trips (78 percent) fell into the “not bad” and “not great” buckets, Drivers earned a great rating on just percent of trips, Gasbuddy found during app testing.


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