New Hampshire – 1675364

Event: High as a kite or drunk
Event Description: Driving 10+ mph below limit and braking and weaving for no apparent reason all the way from Auburn New Hampshire through Hampstead on Route 121 / 121A. Had 15+ cars jammed behind him..then when we get to Chester center where there’s a mile long straight away posted at 30 mph sign he became a Race Car Driver… The second we got back to the 40 mph sign he was back to the bobbin and weaving and 28 to 30 mph.. he should probably get himself a little teeny smart car if he can only drive in a straight line and can’t handle the slightest Hill or sliders corner… punk stay off the road
Driver Description: Old drunken dude
Vehicle Make/Model: Ford/F250
Event Date/Time: September 12, 2018 21:04:00 pm
Location: New Hampshire, United States

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