New Hampshire – 1RLR98

Event: Aggressive
Event Description: Getting off exit 4 the driver almost swerved into me on my 2 years old passenger side. I honked to get their attention before hitting me. I got flipped off and driver yelling out window. We went to same location conveniently. I took pictures of playe number where the passenfer started cursing and yelling at me. Clearly, if you want to cause harm to children then you shouldn’t have a license.
Driver Description: Red Hyundai sedan. Driver : male, dark beard, medium size, looks to be in 20s Passenger: female, brown hair, wearing 2 sizes two small tank top, chunky, looks to be in 20s
Vehicle Make/Model: /
Event Date/Time: April 14, 2021 22:28:00 pm
Location: Alabama, United States


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