New Hampshire – 3004804

Event: Shit-Box Hero
Event Description: Repeat offender..this moron causes issues daily approx 6:30p.on the 10+ miles of rt 121 then rt 102. high & drunk pervert ..cant maintain steady speed drives 15 + mph below posted 40mph on clear dry roads.. Constantly swerve and and weave in and braken can’t handle the slightest corners or hills then when it comes to that 30 mph posted on the straightaway he is now a race car driver can only drive-in a straight line..real weak punk only tough behind the wheel despite his inability to be able to handle his car.. Seen driver soliciting young boys in the summertime so lock up your little boys , drivers a pedophile
Driver Description: Punk a** pedophile that can’t handle corners or hills , can only drive-in a straight line, likes little boys
Vehicle Make/Model: Hyundai /Accent
Event Date/Time: April 06, 2020 06:42:00 am
Location: New Hampshire, United States


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